Our Story

 Hi, my name is Dvir and this is Nitzan


The very first spark between us was lit during our undergraduate studies.
Thinking about how we could combine our shared love of music, we decided to try and create one product together.

So, In January 2019, we established Our Casa and launched our first product.

The Classic Vinyl Coasters Set. 

By the end of the year over 10,000 sets have been sold.



We met Ariel



Ariel, who had just graduated as a graphic designer, loved the product so much and told us - "We have to make more of it!"
We decided to make new sets according to the genres of world music in new and crazy designs.

Here's what Ariel did for the next Hip Hop Set that is about to come out ...

We are going to continue to create for you sets of coasters of the most beloved artists in the world, so that you can put them in your living room!

Click "You Choose" at the top of the page to influence who will be the next artists that Ariel will create for you.