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Coasters with Holder

A coaster, drink coaster, beverage coaster, or beermat is an item used to rest drinks upon.

That's all it is.


The first coasters were designed for decanters or wine bottles, so that they could be slid (or "coasted") around the dinner table after the servants had retired.

I bet you never knew that.

Early coasters took the form of shallow trays or dishes made of wood, paper-mache, silver, or silver plate.

They used to look like that (we hope that’s not what you have at home)



Back in the days, coasters were kind of rare, or at least not in common use.

Today, they are as common as an everyday houseware piece can be; you can see them in any home, restaurant, or bar.


So, we thought “if this product is so common, why don't we redesign it to the point where it defines us?”


We came up with Music.

When we first thought about it, we agreed that music is something that defines many moments in our lives. The artists whom we listen to, have been with us in the saddest, happiest, and most exciting moments of our lives, and therefore, they are caught in our memory as role models. Even as friends.


But how?

It's still just coasters.

To bring the exciting and true experience of music we had to go to our creative workshop, there we made a few things:

  • The Coasters – created mini Vinyl Records.
  • The Paintings – artworks of the most beloved artists in the world.
  • The Words - speak love and truth.
  • The Signature - makes it personal, from them to you.


We were amazed to see how much the world loves our products, these coasters have reached the homes of over 30,000 customers already, and we are still counting smiles. We were so overwhelmed about to see such a gracious response. 


After some time, we looked at it and said “how we can make it even better?” 

So once again we went into our creative workshop and thought:

To properly use vinyl records - we must have...

A Record player!


So, we created the record player for you, which serves as the holder of the set. You and your friends will be amazed at how good this looks on your table.

Now, this KIT is perfect.


The musical experience exists - the artists we love so much, are painted with uncompromising precision, they smile at you as they sit serially on our beautiful Record Player Holder. Make your coasters set be a design item that says something about you.


So, remember, the smallest things in Our Casa show who we are, do not compromise on them. 


And who knows, maybe one day we will create a set of coasters of “The Coasters”?

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